Chetana College of Media and Performing Arts is the latest innovative venture of CMI Devamatha Province,Thrissur,adding another accolade to CHETANA Group of institutions.of media education,production and interaction:

With an objective to impart systematic training in various Eastern and Western branches of fine arts and performing arts and different disciplines of print,audio-visual and new media,ou new visionary project ,the Chetana College of Media and Performing Arts,affiliated to University of Calicut,stands to offer undergraduate,graduate and doctarel programmes and mould as many creative artists equipped for performance and production;our dream is not to end up just a college,but to bloom fully into a Media University in near future.

our courses

Visual Communication

This undergraduate programme, brings together technologies of...

Mass Communication & Journalism

Programme, brings together technologies of print and electronic journalism...

Filim & Television Programme Production

Created a new plat form for Film Making and Television Production...

our facilities

Chetana College building is concieved as a cluster of spacious class rooms-cum-multimedia labs,students' edit suites and audio suites,mini studio floor,digital film archives.

college news

  • 2017-2018 Aptitude Test: Rank List

    01: Aravind Unni PV, 02: Binil Kuriakose, 03: Rinoy Wilson, 04: Antony Roy Manjiyil, 05: Mrudula S, 06: Muhammed Habeem Shah NN, 07: Sreeraj K, 08: Nasreen Fathima, 09: Sreehari P, 10: Subhash BK, 11: Sajith Kumar, 12: Jees Jose P, 13: Anoop PS, 14: Sweetson TP, 15: Paul George...

  • 2017-2018 Admissions: Aptitude Test

    ചേതന കോളേജ് ഓഫ് മീഡിയ & പെര്‍ഫോര്‍മിംഗ് ആര്‍ട്സ് കോളേജ് 2017 – 2020 ബാച്ചിലേക്ക് അഡ്മിഷന്‍ നേടുവാന്‍ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്ന വ...


  • Chetana College of Media and Performing Arts will be `a college that is not just a college’; here students won’t wait to the chime of a bell in order to begin or end their day today learning of theories as a routine. Dr (Fr). Benny Benedict Director, Chetana College of Media & Performing Arts