Chetana College of Media and Performing Arts, is the latest innovative venture of CMI Devamatha Province, Thrissur, adding another accolade to CHETANA Group of institutions, of media education, production and interaction:

Founded in the early 1980s under the auspice of CMI Devamatha Province, Thrissur, `Chetana Film & TV Institute’, the mother organization of CHETANA Group, eventually expanded and branched out into five major media institutions at five campuses in and around Thrissur, namely, ‘Chetana Sound Studios & Instructions’ (Chiyyaram), `Chetana Music Academy’ (Kess Bhavan, Naikkanal), ‘Chetana Media Institute’ (Kalliath Square, Palace Road), `Chetana Sangeet Natya Academy, Music College & National Institute of Vocology’ (Mylippadam) and `Chetana Studio Floor’ (Insight, Olari).

With an objective to impart systematic training in various Eastern and Western branches of fine arts and performing arts and different disciplines of print, audio-visual and new media, our new visionary project, the Chetana College of Media and Performing Arts, affiliated to University of Calicut, stands to offer undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programmes and mould as many creative artists equipped for performance and production; our dream is not to end up just a college, but to bloom fully into a Media University in near future.

When communication is gearing up in its voyage from electronics to optonics, it tends to become rather private and impersonal soliloquy or converts into dirty media wars between global and local tycoons.

  • CHETANA is committed to fight a different war, a war that unites people, bringing all living beings into harmony, bridging the sacred and the secular through art.

  • CHETANA: Communication to Hasten Educational Technological Artistic and National Advancement, is a registered Educational and Charitable Trust, reg. no 441/07


Dr (Fr). Benny Benedict

Chetana College of Media & Performing Arts

Chetana College of Media and Performing Arts will be `a college that is not just a college’; here students won’t wait to the chime of a bell in order to begin or end their day-to-day learning of theories as a routine. Here learning will be a joy, where students will listen to their hearts that will seek true knowledge of life, combining art and technology, creativity and skills. (We wish if our students could delve into the world of media 24/7, mastering visual, aural and all kinds of fine arts and media arts)