25 Oct

Media Ethics in the Cyber Age

Chetana  college  of  media and performing arts opened up the door of lecture series on media ethics in the cyber age on 8 October 2016. As a startup for the lecture has conveyed by Mr. M.P Surendran , Head of programme of  Mathrubhumi  news .

                  At first, he pointed out the aims of media. The real aims of media .The real aims include

                                                           1. To serve

                                                           2. To educate

                                                           3. To inform

                                                           4.To entertain

These aims have changed their priorities. By shifting entertaining purpose to the first place, the media ethics has changed. Nowadays the entertaining factors became the head of other factor. So, the TV programmes has changed. The channels were attracting the audience by increasing the number of serials and other entertaining programme. In social media also, they are attracting the audience by creating trolls.Trolls were created to created to any issue in a humorous way. Online media is attracting the audience more than TV ,Radio r print media. Online media inform us very faster than television.

As per The Indian constitution Article 19(1)A ,Every individual has the right to freedom of expression .So ,the media does not have a specific freedom .The freedom which belongs to every individual is the same freedom belongs to the press. But the press should never harass or criticize any individual in the society. Press gives more importance to sensationalism. Journalists always awaiting for a exclusive news. M. F. Hussain, an amazing painter who contributes his works to our society, to our art and to our culture .But when he drew Goddess Saraswathi’s picture, we all forgotten his good deeds and more aware in pointing this picture by him. Sensationalism makes a journalist to forget their  justice . According to media ethics,  justice is preferred as a parameter .

As a part of Mathrubhumi , he pointed that they have their  own political beliefs. But along with that, we are also in aware to protest against any social issue and to stand for the public.

The students response towards his lecture was wonderful .And he also answered them with pleasure .So, the students are awaiting for coming lectures.